About Us

We are a group of experts that will help you keep your private data so it will remain private.

Breached.Me was founded on the belief that data privacy should be guarded at all times. A data breach is hidden under many different names such as hack, compromise, and stolen information. However you name it, it’s still the same – your private data like your social security number, passwords, or even bank account information has been stolen by some hacker out there and may sell this information and will make you unsafe.

Armed with this fact, we collectively built Breached.Me. 

Breached.Me is an app that will regularly update the database of stolen information and will keep you informed in case you’ll be part of any of these incidents. We will constantly communicate with you to prevent you, your family, and your company from partaking in future data breaches.

We are a team of specialists so we want it to be as straightforward as possible.

Learn more about us by following our social media pages.

Let us know if you have any questions by messaging us at Breached.Me.

Protect Your Company

Pleased to meet you

Mike Hogan

Mike Hogan

Chief  Executive Officer

DeepData, Novell, POET, ScaleDB, Founded 4 companies, 3 exits (sold to Microsoft and an IPO)

Jonathan Indick

Jon Indick

Chief  Technology Officer

Engineering & Technology: Banking/Finance, Architect, Acquisition by Microsoft

Rod Paulino

Rod Paulino

Chief Marketing Officer

Product Marketing, Licensing, M&A: Microsoft, Compass Group, Real Names, POET IPO

Rod Paulino

Anthony Bettini

Co-Founder & Technical Advisor

White Hat Security, Tenable, FlawCheck(container scanner acquired by Tenable), Hacking Exposed, Tech Editor

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