Data Breach in Tasmania Exposes Personal Information of Schoolchildren and Others on Dark Web

by | April 12, 2023 | Data Breaches

Hackers have stolen and released over 16,000 Tasmanian Department for Education, Children, and Young People (DECYP) documents, including the personal information of schoolchildren, on the dark web, according to The Guardian

The state government has confirmed that the data was accessed via a third-party file transfer service called GoAnywhere MFT. The stolen data includes financial invoices, statements, and personal information, such as names and addresses, which may have been used in student assistance applications. There is no evidence that Tasmanian government IT systems have been breached, and the government has set up a helpline for those concerned their data has been compromised. The Tasmanian government is investigating data theft, and emergency management arrangements have been activated. 

In response, the government has advised individuals who have interacted with DECYP to remain vigilant for any suspicious financial activity or attempted scams, and a dedicated call center has been established to provide assistance and support to those affected. Those with questions or concerns are encouraged to contact the support listed, and additional resources have been deployed to address the situation. The Guardian and The Educator Online reported on this incident.

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