Ferrari’s IT Systems Hit by Ransomware Attack, Exposing Customer Contact Details

by | April 5, 2023 | Cyber Attacks

Luxury sports car manufacturer Ferrari has revealed a ransomware attack on its IT systems, according to securityweek.com. The attack occurred after a threat actor demanded a ransom relating to exposed customer contact details.

Ferrari has contacted customers to inform them that the data that was potentially exposed includes names, addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers. The company stated that no sensitive payment information such as bank account numbers or payment details was accessed or stolen.

Ferrari said it has immediately taken action to investigate the incident with the help of a leading global third-party cybersecurity firm and has reported the attack to the relevant authorities. The company believes that informing its customers of the potential data exposure and the nature of the incident is the best course of action, rather than paying the ransom demand.

The luxury sports car maker has emphasized its commitment to fight criminal activities and enable third-party experts to enhance the security of its systems. The breach has not impacted the company’s operational functions as per Bleepingcomputer.

This attack highlights the continued need for companies to remain vigilant in the face of cyber threats and to take appropriate measures to safeguard their customer data.

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